Purple Hairy Daisies

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Giant Onion

Bridge Over Peaceful Waters

Gold Tree

Sunset on the Waterfall




Tough hike!  The whole thing lasted 10 hours for our group.  The worse part was walking for about an hour or more from the end of the trail (past the Northern tip of Buntzen Lake), all tired and everything, back to the parking lot (at the Southern tip of the lake).  Some people got swarmed by wasps on the way down on a tight and steep path on the Swan Falls trail too.  The unlucky hikers wanted to run for cover, but there were too many of us on the narrow path to make a safe escape!  Thank God for us the wasps didn’t continue attacking us, even though our party was jammed a few meters from their nest…

Beach Along Indian Arm
Some beach along Indian Arm, I think

Bedwell Bay, Deep Cove, and Vancouver
Bedwell Bay (front left), Deep Cove (right), and downtown Vancouver in the distance

Looking East From Eagle Peak's Summit
Coquitlam Lake

Looking North From Eagle Peak's Summit
Mount Garibaldi

The Swan Falls
Swan Falls

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A fun, moderately strenuous hike with lots of variety in terrain and many opportunities for great views of the Squamish Valley!

Squamish Valley
Very nice viewpoint early on

Chain Gang
One of eight short sections with chains to help us out

Waterfall #3
Don’t miss that last viewpoint marker, leading you to a beautiful waterfall

Down the Logging Road
Going down the logging road, beautiful views always at hand

Squamish River
Beautiful Squamish River’s milky grayish-blue waters

High Falls Creek, 2007-06-03
At the end of the logging road/hike :p


25+ hikes last year and I had to go to the States to see my first and only (so far) bear in the wild.  Go figure…

The road to get to Mount Baker is amazing in itself.  Nice hike too!

Mountain Range
Ever-present gorgeous views on most of the trail

Stream Flowing
Trickling down

Wild Berries
Wild berries (not sure those ones can be eaten though)

Tall Grass Rocky Path
Tall grass along rocky road

Black Bear
Black bear casually passing by (we were 10 people — too much for him to handle by himself!)

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