Sorry for the quietness of this blog lately. I was in Thailand and Singapore for 5 weeks and it was just craaaaazy getting ready for the trip (among other things we were getting married again, this time Thai style and I took some Thai classes, too).

A Thai McDonald’s welcoming us with the familiar “wai” posture

Thailand’s famous floating market

5/365: Mosaics are Fun...
Singapore’s Zoo is awesome!!!

Now I’m back and hopefully I will have some time to bring up some new material soon — once I’m done going through the 500+ photos remaining from Asia, looking over my wife’s permanent residency proceedings, work, play, chores, etc. :s


Me and my wife (yup, we got married recently :D) are planning to go to Thailand this year, so I’d better brush up on my Thai before I get there.

I’m just starting to learn the Thai language and, according to a language learning software (which I won’t name), I apparently have better pronunciation skills than she does — and she’s a native Thai girl! :s lol

My wife is vehemently protesting against the software, saying it’s buggy. I like to think I’m just good at learning new languages. :p

We’ll see when we get to Thailand… ;)