Winter just never showed up…

Spring has been around for a while already. I wonder if this means we’ll have an early and extended Summer also. :D:D:D

Busy bee at work on a cherry blossom


Multitude of daisies

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Cherry Blossoms

It seems like the cherry blossoms are about to make room for other trees to blossom and show off their colors now. I had never heard of that side of Vancouver before, but, unless you’re blind or asocial, there’s no way you can go through a day without spotting the profusion of cherry trees embellishing the city — and suburbs — during the mid-March to mid-April period.

From what I’ve seen so far, surprisingly, the best spot for cherry blossoms is right downtown, at the Burrard SkyTrain station, where the once naked line of cherry trees transforms itself into a tunnel of blossoms. If you don’t like people “messing up” your pictures, you’d better come early or anytime other than during rush hour; otherwise, you’ll most likely picture not only cherry blossoms, but also a few other people doing the same thing as you!


In case you’re interested in finding out where to look for the best cherry blossom spots and their peak blooming time, check out this link:

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Vancouverites love cherry blossoms, and I’m starting too…


Cherry Blossoms

Funny how the urban landscape changes so quickly.  I was noticing to myself a week ago that the trees were not at their best and, try as you might, you couldn’t see any sign of Spring breaking through in the near future.  But now, the cherry blossoms are already out and “strong” enough to spread a light carpet of pink petals on the sidewalk.  After the longest stretch of gray weather I just experienced (about 3 weeks; not always rain), today’s bright sunshine and the burgeoning vegetation showing promise is a welcome treat.