2010 Vancouver Sun Run

Vancouver Sun Run
An early Sun Runner

It was a perfect day for the Vancouver Sun Run! Good vibes, great music — at least at the corner of Beach Ave. and Cardero St. where I was initially stationed — and the occasional colorful participants kept both runners and onlookers like myself smiling. I think this event is in my top 3 of Vancouver’s best events. I’m looking forward to next year’s edition. :D

EDIT: I can’t retrace the article just now, but I read from many Sun Runners that, in the end, there was a lot of discontent at this year’s Vancouver Sun Run. The main complaint seemed to be regarding the many barrages of walkers that the runners had to go through along the 10km route. Reading this reminded me how surprised I was to see how often runners would run in my direction even though I was clearly in my specator/photographer zone, on the sidewalk. Apparently it’s more fun to be on the sidelines, sometimes. :s

Cool Runnings
Synchronized Running :)

Water Break
Time for a water break,  around the 4km mark

Passing By
The fun ambiance surrounding the Sun Run makes this one of my favorite events, even as simple spectator/photographer



Only one week to go!

Maybe you hadn’t noticed with some cherry blossoms already blooming ahead of time and the city having just recorded the warmest January on record yet, but the Winter Olympics are just a week away! ;)

* Rest of original article deleted… Too much anger and sarcasm about the cost of the Olympics in it. Mind you, I’m still not looking forward to seeing how much we’ll have to pay in exchange for hosting the Olympic Games, but spreading bad vibes around does not feel right either. I’d rather have happy readers instead of passing along my frustration to others. In the future, there might be some not-so-cheerful things to talk about now and then — such as the HST –, but from now on (2010-02-07, 6pm PST) I’ll try to keep the negativity low and remain as neutral as possible when I do — remind me if I forget! ;)


Dragonboat Race
Go go go!

I must admit that I can’t seem to find a way to get into the action at the dragonboat race portion of the festival (just my opinion…).  We’re never that close to the racers and when they do get close, the fun lasts but a few seconds.

But I could rave all day about the excellent music the festival had in store for us later that evening (Saturday June 21st*): The Trews, a great Canadian rock and roll band were in town to offer us a free concert in the park next to the dragonboat finish line.  I had heard great things about their shows and, let me tell you, it’s all “Trew.”  Great showmanship and quality rock and roll from the boys; they really know how to work a crowd.  As the evening came to a close, we were so not ready to go!

(*EDIT: I just found out that Rumba Calzada was also part of the dragonboat festival; another fantastic, Latin inspired act)

The Trews
Singer/guitarist Colin MacDonald

The Trews
Lead guitarist John-Angus MacDonald

The Trews
Technical glitch: the lights unexpectedly went out for a few songs and people started bringing out
cell phones and lighters to help out, including the singer! lol

The Trews
Bassist Jack Syperek and lead guitarist John-Angus MacDonald

Body Surfing
You know people are having a great time when body surfing is on

The Trews
Drummer Sean Dalton

The Trews
Make some noise!!!

Visit their official Website or their MySpace page to listen to some of their songs.


Steveston lies at the Southern tip of Richmond, roughly 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver, by car.  Watch kites flying at Garry Point Park, walk along the scenic dyke, or just plain relax while you savour some delicious home-made ice cream in the heart of the village.

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms at Garry Point Park

Parachute #1
Sports kite/parachute (?) at Garry Point Park

Colorful Houses #2
Looking East along the West Dyke trail

Steveston Landscape
Looking West along the West Dyke trail

Flock Of Geese
Flock of geese

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle on the West Dyke trail

Turtle Party
Turtles having a party on the West Dyke trail

Fishermen's Dock
Fresh seafood for sale at the Fisherman’s Wharf in the heart of Steveston Village

Seagull enjoying the view at the Fisherman’s Wharf