2011 Vancouver Sun Run

Running Sucks

One of my favorite events to photograph, this edition did not disappoint either. :)

I took a few shortcuts compared to the registered runners, but I must say I ran and walked quite a bit as I covered the route!

Early Sun Runner (shot through a fence)

Sleeping toddler

Colorful hat

Sun Runners entertaining Sun Runners with an extra exercise drill

Firemen chillin'

Easter family

Sun Run Combo

Running and Walking through Burrard Bridge

Last few meters to the finish line

Holy crap! I just checked the area I covered and it turns out I ran/walked over 7.5km! :s  No wonder my legs are aching tonight…



This blog is about Vancouver, but I thought you wouldn’t mind enjoying those pictures from my recent trip to Montreal:

Basilique Notre-Dame
Notre-Dame basilica

Hotel de Ville de Montréal
Montreal City Hall

Daniel, Choeur de la Basilique Notre-Dame
Inside the Notre-Dame basilica

Place de la Cathédrale
Place de la Cathédrale

Avenue McGill College
McGill College Avenue, in the heart of downtown Montreal

Rue St-Paul
St-Paul St., Old Montreal