“Deal of the Day” sites for Vancouver

You know you’re hot when Google wants you. Such was the case with Groupon recently, although they rejected Google’s 6 billion dollar bid. :o  Groupon and the “social buying” phenomenon that it is is so popular that it’s set to become the fastest business to earn a billion dollars in sales in a year, ever.

Seeing the potential of social buying, a lot of  other “deal of the day” sites have sprung up lately and it’s all the better for us consumers. :)  I’m kinda new to this myself; it seems to me that 50% – 70% off whatever product or service a company has to offer is the norm, although these “deal of the day” sites claim we should see offers upwards of 90% or more once in a while. I have yet to see those jaw-dropping offers myself, but I’m not gonna complain at getting something at “just” 50% off either, you know? :) I would think these sites might hurt a long time favorite of mine, the “Entertainment” coupon booklet, unless they switch to this type of “deal of the day” site as well.

So far, I can vouch for these sites:


And I just found out about this one:


I was a bit suspicious when their email showed up in red warning color in my email inbox, but after looking at their Facebook page, I guess they must be legit, with almost 7,500 people who like them? I have bought a deal from them; I’ll let you know if I still have all my money soon enough. :)

Let’s hope that these sites will become so popular that they’ll have a huge backlog of partners waiting for their turn and “deal of the day” just won’t cut it anymore. Instead, a “bundle of the day” will be in order, giving us consumers us a plethora of deals to consider every day. :D

Let me know if you have some more sites to recommend.  In this beautiful but expensive city, we need all the deals we can get! :p

UPDATE: Everything is fine with Social Shopper… I was able to redeem my voucher without any issues at the restaurant. As much as I’d been a fan of the Entertainment booklet for a long time, I must say that this is even better (all those deal sites, not just Social Shopper) since those vouchers act like gift cards and you can use them to buy whatever you want. At the restaurant, this means you’re not limited to just entrees; you can use the voucher to buy appies, desserts or even alcohol if you want (unless the fine print says otherwise). Sorry Entertainment… It was good while it lasted. lol

I found yet another deal site:


UPDATE #2: Yet a couple more sites to add:

http://www.dealfind.com/vancouver/ (seems to be legit, after checking out this blog)
http://www.teambuy.ca/vancouver/ (they appeared on the “Dragons Den” on CBC, so…)



A fraction of the huge $1,000,000 coin. The flip side’s reflection on the glass casing is hard to make out, on the right

I finally mustered the “courage” to endure some Olympics lineups… Going to the Vancouver Art Gallery and the BC Pavilion wasn’t so bad; less than 30 minutes and we were in. It took a little bit longer (about an hour) to get into the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion. Not as bad as I had imagined it would be. :)

The BC pavilion, set up as a miniature forest with facts about wood and BC spread throughout was more interesting than the art gallery itself. On the gallery floors, the Da Vinci “Mechanics of Man” exhibit and a cool dinosaur-like skeleton made of plastic chairs were nice. But ordinary pictures of apartment building lobbies, other pictures of boring scenes — I just don’t get “art” sometimes… :s

The Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion had some interesting Olympics related coins on display, we got a chance to get our hands on a very heavy gold bar and we saw a one million dollar coin. We could have touched an Olympics gold medal if we didn’t mind waiting 4 hours or more, but we did mind, so we didn’t touch it. Maybe tomorrow…

A $25 coin selling for $71.95… lol  Can’t imagine how much the $1,000,000 one would sell for! :s

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Only one week to go!

Maybe you hadn’t noticed with some cherry blossoms already blooming ahead of time and the city having just recorded the warmest January on record yet, but the Winter Olympics are just a week away! ;)

* Rest of original article deleted… Too much anger and sarcasm about the cost of the Olympics in it. Mind you, I’m still not looking forward to seeing how much we’ll have to pay in exchange for hosting the Olympic Games, but spreading bad vibes around does not feel right either. I’d rather have happy readers instead of passing along my frustration to others. In the future, there might be some not-so-cheerful things to talk about now and then — such as the HST –, but from now on (2010-02-07, 6pm PST) I’ll try to keep the negativity low and remain as neutral as possible when I do — remind me if I forget! ;)


This applies to Canadian residents only. I have no idea what the strategy would be like if I were to move in from another country…

I haven’t checked the latest updates in the Canadian income tax model, so my information might be outdated, but the below information was definitely true and beneficial for me when I moved from Quebec to BC almost 2 years ago now.


Here’s a simple way to make or save some money moving from one province to another:

There are 2 scenarios:

  1. Your current province’s income tax rate is higher than BC’s
  2. Your current province’s income tax rate is lower than BC’s

Since your income tax rate is based on where you reside on December 31st of a given year, it might be profitable for you to move to BC late in the year if you fit scenario #1 or early in the year if you fit scenario #2. Conversely, plan accordingly when deciding to move out of BC to another province.  See the current income tax rates here.

Income tax handling has always seemed overly complicated to me and this article is quite basic.  I suggest you verify this information for yourself and make sure this holds true for your particular case too.

I hope things work out as well for you as they did for me. ;)