Zombie Walk 2010

Zombie Love
Cute couple, don’t you think?! :p

Another fun half hour or so spent watching Robson Street turn into a zombie-fest as this year’s edition of Vancouver’s Zombie Walk took to the streets at 4:30pm today.

Before beginning the walk, the zombies gathered at a popular event headquarters, the Vancouver Art Gallery

The zombies are about to overthrow a model shoot right in the middle of Robson Street

A lone man attempts to fight off a swarm of zombies flailing all around him

As usual, some zombies are very stylish in their own wicked way ;)

Check out the Zombie Walk Vancouver facebook page for other photos and most probably at some point next year, the date and time for the next edition — don’t miss it! It’s a fun and unusual event. :)

And my photos from last year’s walk, here.


Zombie Walk 2009

Zombie Walk #1
The many faces of the 2009 Vancouver Zombie Walk

A friendly mob of zombies flashed upon Robson St. today as hundreds — if not thousands — of people dressed up for the occasion. It was my first time witnessing the Zombie Walk and I thought it was entertaining.  Only a few costumes were especially gory — like the bottom right picture you see above — with most being “playfully” scary (in my adult opinion anyway).

Not having read much about that walk beforehand, I was expecting only a small group of people to roam Vancouver’s busiest street, but I was surprised as a steady stream of zombies invaded Robson St. for about 10-15 minutes.  Even after the main group was through, we had to dodge many more of them on the sidewalk.

I’m looking forward to the next one (as a photographer :) ).

Zombie Walk #2
More faces from the Vancouver Zombie Walk

Red Eye
Two red eyes, albeit slightly different from each other :s

Frankenstein's Mom?
Frankenstein’s mom? :)

A Wink Before the Kill
See you next year! ;)

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Dragonboat Race
Go go go!

I must admit that I can’t seem to find a way to get into the action at the dragonboat race portion of the festival (just my opinion…).  We’re never that close to the racers and when they do get close, the fun lasts but a few seconds.

But I could rave all day about the excellent music the festival had in store for us later that evening (Saturday June 21st*): The Trews, a great Canadian rock and roll band were in town to offer us a free concert in the park next to the dragonboat finish line.  I had heard great things about their shows and, let me tell you, it’s all “Trew.”  Great showmanship and quality rock and roll from the boys; they really know how to work a crowd.  As the evening came to a close, we were so not ready to go!

(*EDIT: I just found out that Rumba Calzada was also part of the dragonboat festival; another fantastic, Latin inspired act)

The Trews
Singer/guitarist Colin MacDonald

The Trews
Lead guitarist John-Angus MacDonald

The Trews
Technical glitch: the lights unexpectedly went out for a few songs and people started bringing out
cell phones and lighters to help out, including the singer! lol

The Trews
Bassist Jack Syperek and lead guitarist John-Angus MacDonald

Body Surfing
You know people are having a great time when body surfing is on

The Trews
Drummer Sean Dalton

The Trews
Make some noise!!!

Visit their official Website or their MySpace page to listen to some of their songs.