Celebration of Light – Mexico

All eyes were on Mexico’s fireworks team last night at English Bay

One last fireworks evening remains this coming Saturday night. This time it will be a “tribute” to China (does this mean it will not be China itself?)



Day 5 was a day of household chores for me, so I apparently missed out on some good street hockey fun on Granville St. yesterday. Tonight though, day 6, I was in the thick of the action. :D

I gave up trying to go to the Heineken House at Richmond’s O Zone after hearing that it was next to impossible to get in once again from a friend’s friend. Some colleagues and I decided instead to hang around Science World and the Downtown core for the evening.

The Russia House at Science World was already closed by 5pm, but there was this interesting structure close by

Inside the Saskatchewan “bubble” (?). At night they project a 360 degree video of all things Saskatchewan. Cool effect!

I don’t know his name, but this artist put on a great show inside the Saskatchewan House — great guitar player!

The roofless Quebec House. lol  It was too early (before 6:30pm) for the party to be under way there.

Robson Square had some performances going on during the evening

The Vancouver Party Patrol 2010 guys brought music around 10pm and it didn’t take long for people to join in the fun on Granville St. I don’t do the clubbing scene, but seeing people dancing and having a great time was a blast! The Irish House had a $20 cover charge, but this was probably more fun and all free! :D

I got lucky with this cool “ghostly” shot (1/3 second exposure, with the subject jumping in the air for her pose)

At 11pm, the nightly fireworks and laser show at Robson Square were on


Saturday, August 1st was China’s turn to wow the crowd at the HSBC Celebration of Light.  Here is a short photographic summary of the evening…

Sea Of People
It’s 8:15pm and a sea of people has already formed along the shores of First Beach at English Bay

Almost Showtime
Just before showtime, at 10pm

Fireworks #2
Let the fireworks begin!

Fireworks #1
Ooooooh… Aaaaaah…

Rushing Home
Multiply the Critical Mass bike ride “population” by 100 and you get the pedestrian version,
returning from the fireworks


(Hey, good to be back here… My life is just soooo busy — not much time left for blogging in the end, sorry)

It was South Africa’s turn to light up the Vancouver sky in this year’s edition of the Celebration of Light, but as dark clouds came rolling in and the rain started pouring, our group retreated indoors to one of my friends’ place. As we got there, the rain had stopped, but not without doing some damage: the power was out.

We couldn’t do much without electricity, but thankfully, Mother Nature was there to give us a treat we don’t get to see very often in the area: the “orangest” sunset I have ever seen and some thunder and lightning. My first lightning shoot was a hoot and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to come. :)

Unusual Sunset
What an amazing sunset!

Lightning #1
Lightning at sunset

Lightning #2
Lightning over Downtown Vancouver

Lightning #3
Lightning strikes

P.S.: The fireworks were apparently unhampered by the weather and South Africa still got the chance to show its stuff.


Finale Fireworks #1

And here ends what I would dare say is the biggest event of the Summer, here in Vancouver.

Ferry Funny
Ferry fun on long exposure: there were 8 ferries playing around doing formations just before the beginning of the fireworks finale

Finale Fireworks #2

Finale Fireworks #3

Boating Frenzy
The usual boating frenzy after the fireworks

Next big event in line is the Pride Parade, today. This one promises to be very colorful also.



It was China’s turn to showcase its pyrotechnic skills last night, at the HSBC Celebration of Light. After seeing a few interesting pictures on the Net that were taken from Granville Bridge, I decided to try my luck there also. Although I was much further from the action than usual, I still had a great time (from a hobbyist photographer’s point of view anyway).

Vancouver Skyline
Before the show

Before the China Fireworks #3
Almost show time; the last few boats are making their way to their “seats”

China Fireworks #1

China Fireworks #13

China Fireworks #21

China Fireworks - Finale

Boat Frenzy
Boating frenzy after the fireworks