2011 Vancouver Sun Run

Running Sucks

One of my favorite events to photograph, this edition did not disappoint either. :)

I took a few shortcuts compared to the registered runners, but I must say I ran and walked quite a bit as I covered the route!

Early Sun Runner (shot through a fence)

Sleeping toddler

Colorful hat

Sun Runners entertaining Sun Runners with an extra exercise drill

Firemen chillin'

Easter family

Sun Run Combo

Running and Walking through Burrard Bridge

Last few meters to the finish line

Holy crap! I just checked the area I covered and it turns out I ran/walked over 7.5km! :s  No wonder my legs are aching tonight…

2010 Vancouver Sun Run

Vancouver Sun Run
An early Sun Runner

It was a perfect day for the Vancouver Sun Run! Good vibes, great music — at least at the corner of Beach Ave. and Cardero St. where I was initially stationed — and the occasional colorful participants kept both runners and onlookers like myself smiling. I think this event is in my top 3 of Vancouver’s best events. I’m looking forward to next year’s edition. :D

EDIT: I can’t retrace the article just now, but I read from many Sun Runners that, in the end, there was a lot of discontent at this year’s Vancouver Sun Run. The main complaint seemed to be regarding the many barrages of walkers that the runners had to go through along the 10km route. Reading this reminded me how surprised I was to see how often runners would run in my direction even though I was clearly in my specator/photographer zone, on the sidewalk. Apparently it’s more fun to be on the sidelines, sometimes. :s

Cool Runnings
Synchronized Running :)

Water Break
Time for a water break,  around the 4km mark

Passing By
The fun ambiance surrounding the Sun Run makes this one of my favorite events, even as simple spectator/photographer


Saturday, August 1st was China’s turn to wow the crowd at the HSBC Celebration of Light.  Here is a short photographic summary of the evening…

Sea Of People
It’s 8:15pm and a sea of people has already formed along the shores of First Beach at English Bay

Almost Showtime
Just before showtime, at 10pm

Fireworks #2
Let the fireworks begin!

Fireworks #1
Ooooooh… Aaaaaah…

Rushing Home
Multiply the Critical Mass bike ride “population” by 100 and you get the pedestrian version,
returning from the fireworks


Better late than never…  Enjoy some pics from Canada Day earlier this year.

HMCS Winnipeg
HMCS Winnipeg, in the distance

Fire Juggler
Some fun entertainment early in the day

Maple Syrup Taffy Lineup
I was actually up a few stairs in this long lineup.  Nice to see people enjoying Quebec’s traditional “tire sur la neige” (or maple syrup taffy in English) so much.

En Français
A French singer at the Quebec 400 stage, in celebration of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary

New Wave
The band “New Wave”, singing covers from the 70s to the 90s

Marion Torres
12 year old Marion Torres.  She had won a singing competition at Canada Place in 2006.  Great voice and great future for her I believe.

54-40 #2
The great Canadian band 54-40 sang all their hits for us — for free! :)

54-40 #3
On the last song, the singer invited people over to the stage to dance…

54-40 #4 - Invading the Stage
It didn’t take long for the crowd to answer the call…

54-40 #5 - Can You Spot the Singer?
This has GOT to be the best finish to a rock concert ever.  The band was totally submerged by the fans!


I couldn’t stay long enough to see everything that the festival had to offer, but while I was there, it was time well spent at Oppenheimer Park where Japanese Canadian arts, culture, and heritage were being celebrated (click here to read the festival’s official mission). The festival runs until today (Sunday August 3rd).

Japanese Instrument
Traditional Japanese music (can someone tell me the name of this instrument?)

Tug Of War
Different activities are available for children

Fabulous Japanese glass beads (called “Tombodama”) designed by artist Minori Takagi

Forgive my ignorance, I don’t know what this thing represents and what the ceremony was for (anyone?)

Japanese-Style Umbrella
Japanese-style umbrella (what is its official name?)

Taiko Group Pic
Group pic with a cheerful Japanese man

Food Court
Food section

Rock & Roll
Punk Rock band Riff Randells (in English)


I never thought flying a kite could be this much fun! If you’re lucky enough to read this on the day I posted it, do yourself a favor and go to Vanier Park in Kitsilano to check out some very cool kite flying action at the Pacific Rim Kite Festival, including performances by multiple kite world record holder Ray Bethell and the quad line kite team iQuad:

Ray Bethell, Multiple Kite World Record Holder
Ray Bethell, multiple kite world record holder, manning 3 kites at once

Ray Bethell Show
Part of Ray Bethell’s performance

Ray Bethell Show #2
Part of Ray Bethell’s performance

Ray Bethell Show #3
Part of Ray Bethell’s performance

The iQuad team, with special guest Lam Hoac (3rd from left)

iQuad Small Circle Formation
Part of iQuad’s performance

iQuad Show #2
Part of iQuad’s performance

iQuad Show #3
Part of iQuad’s performance

Colorful dancing dummies
Colorful dancing dummies

Vanier Park
Vanier Park

I felt like buying myself one of those acrobatic kites after watching this event. :)