2011 Vancouver Sun Run

Running Sucks

One of my favorite events to photograph, this edition did not disappoint either. :)

I took a few shortcuts compared to the registered runners, but I must say I ran and walked quite a bit as I covered the route!

Early Sun Runner (shot through a fence)

Sleeping toddler

Colorful hat

Sun Runners entertaining Sun Runners with an extra exercise drill

Firemen chillin'

Easter family

Sun Run Combo

Running and Walking through Burrard Bridge

Last few meters to the finish line

Holy crap! I just checked the area I covered and it turns out I ran/walked over 7.5km! :s  No wonder my legs are aching tonight…



Smiles at the 2009 Vancouver Pride Parade

Colorful bikers started the show

Colorful Hairdo
Many drag queens strutted their stuff; this one had a colorful — and seemingly heavy — hairdo

Silver Body Painting
Lots of body painting on display also and one of many water guns at the parade — cover that camera! :p

Trojan Men
Many people wanted to politely jump into the parade for a quick picture with the “stars” of the day


Traffic Jam
Critical jam

The new Burrard Bridge bike lane has been generating  a lot of buzz — for and against it — since its trial period of at least 3 months started this past July 13th.   According to the media, tension between drivers and cyclists has been escalating since then. As a result, this particular Critical Mass bike ride attracted more attention than usual (there is a Critical Mass bike ride every last Friday of each month, starting around 6PM from the Vancouver Art Gallery in Downtown Vancouver).

Burrard Bridge Passing
Critical crossing

I didn’t join the group of CM’ers for this ride, but I caught them as they were crossing Burrard Bridge — as did a couple of media vans parked on the North side of the bridge. Last year, stopping on bridges seemed to be a common occurence, but thankfully, this was not the case yesterday (I can’t say how the other bridge crossings went, though).

Riding the Rythm
Critical fun

As was the case last year, the originality some of the cyclists showed was fun to watch. But as was the case last year also, drivers going in the opposite direction had a much easier time honking and cheering the CM’ers than the ones trailing behind, bumper to bumper.

Critical Leftovers
Critical leftovers

For the short portion I saw, I thought this “edition” of the Critical Mass bike ride was quite civilized and respectful.  With all the unpredictability that comes with it, let’s see how next month’s ride goes…


Martinis On Ice
Martinis on the rocks on Cactus Club Cafe‘s patio

The first Illuminate Yaletown event launched at sunset (5:29PM) last night, for an evening “featuring contemporary light installations designed to inspire and impress.”  Maybe dusk would have been a better bet, as there was still plenty of “leftover” sunlight at that time.

Color Grid #2
“Louver Towers”, by Vivid Lighting Solutions

Glowing Balls
“Light Flow”, by Render Light and Planning (people spun the spheres around from time to time, like here)

Although there definitely were a few funky, creative displays around, I was somewhat disappointed because it wasn’t quite what I expected: after looking at the photos on the official website (see above link), I thought I’d experience some big street-wide light show, but in the end it was just a bunch of mostly small, individual stations that varied greatly in “fun” factor.  Maybe I should have read the description more carefully…

Other than the stations shown in the pictures you see here, some other interesting moments were: the music coming from the doorsteps of Section 3 and all the ice sculptures, especially the CIBC warming station, which I found very creative: you could see hot chocolate and coffee trickle down the inside of the ice sculpture, its run ending in your cup.

Photographers were out in full force at this event.  It was funny to see the non-photographers look at me as if I was an alien with my tripod, though.  One woman in particular had seen one too many of them when she noticed me, I guess, and couldn’t help exclaim: “My God!  They’re everywhere!”  It’s all about avoiding camera shake on those long exposure shots, lady. ;)

It’s too bad I missed out on the fire dancers routine, even though I walked around the block almost twice in the end (once for the event, and once to find a cheap place to eat).  Apparently, this was the best part of the evening.

Laser Beams

“Immersion”, by Aspect Media (3 second exposure)

Light Graffiti #2
Shaw TV also liked the spot I picked to take this picture of “Light-Graffiti”, by EOS Lightmedia

All in all, although many stations fell flat, the evening was enjoyable enough to warrant a second try next year.



After the hugely popular HSBC Celebration of Light fireworks came to an end last night, the stage was set for the just as hugely popular pride parade and its very colorful participants. It seems like every year is a record year for this event. So much so that the organizers extended the route this year and it was estimated that the parade would last 2 1/2 hours. When you consider the fact that you have to get there one hour early or so to get a good spot, it means you’ll be standing on the sidelines for more or less four hours (the closer you are to the start line, the quicker it’s over).

Gilbert Baker
Gilbert Baker, artist behind the rainbow flag, created 30 years ago

Green Queen of Samba
Hey, I saw them at the Caribbean Days Festival last week!

One of the funniest moments of the parade, for me

Rainbow Flag #1
Love the reflection on the… concrete?! :s

Hanky Spanky

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Royal LePage

Disabled Man and his Dog
What a pose!

Rainbow Flag #2
The rainbow flag, a symbol of diversity


Queen Of Samba #2
The Queen of Samba is thoroughly enjoying this parade, and so are we

The “Caribbean Days Festival” was happening this weekend, in North Van, and although there were many activities to choose from, I only attended the Multicultural Street Parade, before the light rain “scared” me and my camera away (my girlfriend says she’s lower maintenance than my camera, lol; but in my defense, she wasn’t too keen on being under the rain with no umbrella either ;) ).

It was a short, but lively parade full of colors, rythm and sexy costumes.

Sexy Black

Colorful Dancers
Colorful dancers

Jamaica, Man

Red Angel
Red angel

Black Manta
What is this “costume” called? All I know is it looks impressive!

Another sexy pose

Silver all over, except the hands (why?)

Shake Those Hips
Shake that booty


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I never thought flying a kite could be this much fun! If you’re lucky enough to read this on the day I posted it, do yourself a favor and go to Vanier Park in Kitsilano to check out some very cool kite flying action at the Pacific Rim Kite Festival, including performances by multiple kite world record holder Ray Bethell and the quad line kite team iQuad:

Ray Bethell, Multiple Kite World Record Holder
Ray Bethell, multiple kite world record holder, manning 3 kites at once

Ray Bethell Show
Part of Ray Bethell’s performance

Ray Bethell Show #2
Part of Ray Bethell’s performance

Ray Bethell Show #3
Part of Ray Bethell’s performance

The iQuad team, with special guest Lam Hoac (3rd from left)

iQuad Small Circle Formation
Part of iQuad’s performance

iQuad Show #2
Part of iQuad’s performance

iQuad Show #3
Part of iQuad’s performance

Colorful dancing dummies
Colorful dancing dummies

Vanier Park
Vanier Park

I felt like buying myself one of those acrobatic kites after watching this event. :)