Whitecaps vs. Toronto FC

We all thought it was going in, but it hit the post. :(

Last night was fun going to watch the game at Empire Field. The Whitecaps put up a good fight. After a boring first half, they totally dominated the second one. They had many chances to score but, in the end, a fluke goal for Toronto deflected by a Whitecaps player into his own net helped them tie the game at 1-1 at the 73rd minute.


Unintentional arabesque

The goalie was sure he was done for... How could we miss that?!!! :s

It was great being seated — ermmm… standing — in section 217. Lots of colorful supporters chanted throughout the game.

Section 217 supporters

Section 217 supporters

Drunk Supporter
Section 217 supporter

I can’t write everything they said, but here are some of the highlights off the field:

– They started off chanting “Come to 2-1-7!… Come to 2-1-7!…”
– Another chant: “Vancouver… Vancouver… We’re blue, we’re white, we’re [put your favorite expletive here] dynamite!”
– Humming loudly the chorus to song “Just Can’t Get Enough
– Someone brought a beach ball and people started playing with it. When one of the colorful fans screwed up and sent the ball flying off the stands, his buddies we’re unapologetic and they (dozens) started chanting “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!” and pointing the finger. LOL
– When a Toronto player would “injure” himself (literally, I think lol), they’d chant “Same old Toronto… Always cheating!”
– We missed the Canucks game, but we got updates here and there, including a “7-2” chant. lol

The ref gave a bad call... "Ooooo...ooooo..oooooh... YOU FAT BASTARD!" lol

As you can see, it was a lot of fun being around that area — if you don’t mind standing the whole game. I sit all day at my computer, so it didn’t bother me… We definitely had the most animated section of the stadium (even beating the drummers which played now and then, here and there, but not as often as these guys).

By the way, if you haven’t been to Empire field yet, check it out, it’s a great venue for any game! :)

Empire Field is a great venue for any game!

The Lions, serving as a nice backdrop to the stadium

Go Whitecaps!

Funny that my “game” report has more content from off the field. lol  Football is not my favorite sport to watch (love to play, though), but it still was worth it, totally. It helps to have had a free FIFA Soccer 11 XBox 360 game with my Groupon deal, too. :)


The neighbourhood just jumped up, so I guess the ‘Nucks scored a goal.  I went to a bar to see the last game and, after going home with the Canucks leading 2-0 after two periods, they sabotaged their lead with too many penalties and ended up losing 3-2 in OT to the Mighty Ducks.  Now they have no choice but to win the next three games, or else it’s over for them this season.

EDIT: No luck.  The Canucks are headed for the golf course.  They lost 2-1 in the second OT period.  See you next season, guys!


Oh my God!  Even if you were home downtown and NOT watching the game tonight, you couldn’t possibly miss a single goal being scored by the Canucks as the neighbouring buildings resonated with a loud cheer every time the home team shot the puck in the net.  It seemed as though all Vancouverites were glued to their TV set, in high anticipation, as the deciding game 7 was being played out between the Canucks and the Dallas Stars.

I don’t have a TV, so I didn’t see the game (yeah, I could have gone to a pub or something — too lazy I guess), but judging by the decibel level being generated by my neighbouring fans, I think it’s safe to say things were looking good for the Canucks.  I checked the score online and, sure enough, they ended up winning the game 4-1.

It was amazing to see and hear all the fans coming out on their respective balconies and scream their head off in jubilation as the game was won.  It didn’t take long for the people in the streets to cheer back, for someone to blow an air horn, for a dog to bark approvingly (? ;) ) and a fire truck to wail its siren and honk out loud for a few seconds.  I even saw some fireworks shooting up in the sky from what may have been Robson street or even from the top of a building (???) close by.  Can’t wait to see how things will look like if the Nucks win the Cup…

Alright, I think I have the Canucks fever too now (“It’s about time!” I can almost hear you say. ;)  ).  I’ll do my best to watch the games at a local bar and be part of the action and the contagious atmosphere sweeping the city these days.

Far off in the distance, I seem to be hearing a huge cheering still going strong, on Robson and cars are starting to honk too…