(2008-06-10) My girlfriend and I have a thing for desserts and we’re always on the lookout for “sweet spots.” After trying a few, we’ve been most impressed with the excellent, Parisian inspired Ganache Patisserie in Yaletown. Personally, I’d have their “Caramel-Chocolat” dessert every day if my system could handle it. That caramel topping and subtle crunch in every bite of chocolate/caramel mousse is to die for! :D

(2009-05-12) More recently, we’ve been impressed with their “Mango-Chocolat” also. Lighter taste than the “Caramel-Chocolat”, but just as flavorful.

Anytime we need to buy a cake for someone this is the place we go to — it’s just that good. :)

In a nutshell:

Name Ganache Patisserie
Address 1262 Homer St. (Yaletown), Vancouver
Phone 604-899-1098
Food *****
Service N/A (at the counter… They do bring the desserts to you in a jiffy though :) )
Ambiance Nice. Casual. Relaxed. Modern.
Price Varies greatly, depending if you’re going only for an individual dessert (about 6$) or a humongous wedding cake ($$$$)