2011 Vancouver Sun Run

Running Sucks

One of my favorite events to photograph, this edition did not disappoint either. :)

I took a few shortcuts compared to the registered runners, but I must say I ran and walked quite a bit as I covered the route!

Early Sun Runner (shot through a fence)

Sleeping toddler

Colorful hat

Sun Runners entertaining Sun Runners with an extra exercise drill

Firemen chillin'

Easter family

Sun Run Combo

Running and Walking through Burrard Bridge

Last few meters to the finish line

Holy crap! I just checked the area I covered and it turns out I ran/walked over 7.5km! :s  No wonder my legs are aching tonight…


Celebration of Light – Mexico

All eyes were on Mexico’s fireworks team last night at English Bay

One last fireworks evening remains this coming Saturday night. This time it will be a “tribute” to China (does this mean it will not be China itself?)


Sometimes I have photos that I don’t know what to do with them (as far as this blog is concerned), so these will fit in the “random photos” category.  Here are the first five:

Landmark on Wheels
Arguably the most recognizable car in Vancouver

Mother's Worry
A cool cartoon painted on a vintage car

Snowed Out Bike
From my last visit back home in Montreal, in 2008

Lions Gate Bridge #1
Vancouver’s Lions’ Gate bridge at night, as seen from Stanley Park’s Seawall

Double Belgian Chocolate Truffle Fudge Cake
A mouth-watering dessert at “Seasons in the Park”, in Queen Elizabeth Park


Traffic Jam
Critical jam

The new Burrard Bridge bike lane has been generating  a lot of buzz — for and against it — since its trial period of at least 3 months started this past July 13th.   According to the media, tension between drivers and cyclists has been escalating since then. As a result, this particular Critical Mass bike ride attracted more attention than usual (there is a Critical Mass bike ride every last Friday of each month, starting around 6PM from the Vancouver Art Gallery in Downtown Vancouver).

Burrard Bridge Passing
Critical crossing

I didn’t join the group of CM’ers for this ride, but I caught them as they were crossing Burrard Bridge — as did a couple of media vans parked on the North side of the bridge. Last year, stopping on bridges seemed to be a common occurence, but thankfully, this was not the case yesterday (I can’t say how the other bridge crossings went, though).

Riding the Rythm
Critical fun

As was the case last year, the originality some of the cyclists showed was fun to watch. But as was the case last year also, drivers going in the opposite direction had a much easier time honking and cheering the CM’ers than the ones trailing behind, bumper to bumper.

Critical Leftovers
Critical leftovers

For the short portion I saw, I thought this “edition” of the Critical Mass bike ride was quite civilized and respectful.  With all the unpredictability that comes with it, let’s see how next month’s ride goes…


Line Of Trees
Visibility is quite restricted these days…

It’s been a week now since the fog has settled unto Vancouver — and it doesn’t seem to want to let up! Never have I seen fog last a whole day before, much less a week.  These past couple of days, Mother Nature has been tantalizing us with visions of clear blue skies, only to suffocate us all too soon with another dose of thick, heavy, humid fog.

Has Vancouver ever experienced bouts of “everlasting fog” before?  It’s kind of depressing… 2009 is off to a very gray start if you ask me!…

The guy on the right seems to enjoy the view. :s

Lion's Gate in the Fog #1
All the lights of the Lion’s Gate Bridge are not enough to cut through the thick fog.

Now would be a great time to go skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, above that layer of fog. Apparently, as evening sets in, the effect of the city lights in the midst of the fog makes for a good photo opp, too. There, I’m out of depression and thinking positive again. :)


Finale Fireworks #1

And here ends what I would dare say is the biggest event of the Summer, here in Vancouver.

Ferry Funny
Ferry fun on long exposure: there were 8 ferries playing around doing formations just before the beginning of the fireworks finale

Finale Fireworks #2

Finale Fireworks #3

Boating Frenzy
The usual boating frenzy after the fireworks

Next big event in line is the Pride Parade, today. This one promises to be very colorful also.