Finally! I’ve just posted my first of many dining-related posts. My approach to those articles will be fairly simple: I went to some restaurant and liked what I ate? I’ll tell you about it… No negative posts. I’ll probably mention briefly some things about the service, ambiance, etc. but I don’t plan on making a thorough assessment of every restaurant/place I go to, though. I’ll leave that part to the professional critics.  Oh, and for the purists out there…  I’m more interested about how food tastes than whether it’s authentic or not.  If it tastes good, that’s good enough for me.  Hope it is for you too.

Note: Vancouver was recently rated the 10th best restaurant city in the world.  So: Best city to live in (2005), one of the best places for food, and home to the 2010 Olympics — we’ve got it pretty good around here! :)