Have a heart ;)

Bleeding Hearts
This is from last March. Loved how that main heart decided to turn sideways. Click photo to see bigger version.


Zombie Walk 2010

Zombie Love
Cute couple, don’t you think?! :p

Another fun half hour or so spent watching Robson Street turn into a zombie-fest as this year’s edition of Vancouver’s Zombie Walk took to the streets at 4:30pm today.

Before beginning the walk, the zombies gathered at a popular event headquarters, the Vancouver Art Gallery

The zombies are about to overthrow a model shoot right in the middle of Robson Street

A lone man attempts to fight off a swarm of zombies flailing all around him

As usual, some zombies are very stylish in their own wicked way ;)

Check out the Zombie Walk Vancouver facebook page for other photos and most probably at some point next year, the date and time for the next edition — don’t miss it! It’s a fun and unusual event. :)

And my photos from last year’s walk, here.

Unexpected reply

As I was biking to work this morning, I rode up Quebec St., turning right unto Union St. where a narrow bike path led to Main Street. Another cyclist  was no more than 3 seconds ahead of me.

I was riding on the bike path on the right side seen here

Halfway up that section, a middle aged Asian woman was standing right beside the bicycle path , playing with her iPhone with her back to us. The first cyclist passed her and then she decided it was time to walk again — across the bicycle path and without looking to see if the way was clear, of course! I was riding at close to 30km/h and, obviously, that surprise move of hers had me hit the brakes real hard. I couldn’t help but yell “Hey!” to her as I came very close to crashing into her.

She barely turned her head towards me and said “Shhhhh!” and continued on her way… :s:s:s  I was so stunned by this unexpected reply that I couldn’t help but laugh as I continued on my way also. :)

2010 Vancouver Sun Run

Vancouver Sun Run
An early Sun Runner

It was a perfect day for the Vancouver Sun Run! Good vibes, great music — at least at the corner of Beach Ave. and Cardero St. where I was initially stationed — and the occasional colorful participants kept both runners and onlookers like myself smiling. I think this event is in my top 3 of Vancouver’s best events. I’m looking forward to next year’s edition. :D

EDIT: I can’t retrace the article just now, but I read from many Sun Runners that, in the end, there was a lot of discontent at this year’s Vancouver Sun Run. The main complaint seemed to be regarding the many barrages of walkers that the runners had to go through along the 10km route. Reading this reminded me how surprised I was to see how often runners would run in my direction even though I was clearly in my specator/photographer zone, on the sidewalk. Apparently it’s more fun to be on the sidelines, sometimes. :s

Cool Runnings
Synchronized Running :)

Water Break
Time for a water break,  around the 4km mark

Passing By
The fun ambiance surrounding the Sun Run makes this one of my favorite events, even as simple spectator/photographer