One year ago today…

Our Game, Our Gold

What a day that was! :D

As Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in the Men’s Ice Hockey Gold medal final at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canadians came out of their usual conservative shell and partied like they’d never partied before! Strangers high-fived each other, the police having some fun on the job, too (I didn’t see police officers “instigate” a high-five, but they readily high-fived back when high-fived to). :)  Peoples hands were hurting from so much high-fiving. lol Maybe a few lost their voice too from all the chanting and cheering. :)

It’s one of those days I’ll never forget. :)




GOOOOLD!!!!!  What a finish to these Olympic Games! Canada wins its 14th gold — a Winter Olympics record — on home soil, on the last competition of the last day, doing what it does best: hockey.

Watching the game from my high-rise apartment, a Canadian goal would generate a spontaneous roar from the whole neighborhood, many people going on their balconies shouting in joy and blowing those air horns as loudly as possible. It was a tight game, but Canada got the edge, Sidney Crosby clinching the game winner in OT.

I went out in a hurry shortly after the medal ceremony to catch the expected festivities in the core of Downtown Vancouver. It was incredible seeing so many Canadian flags hovering proudly over the dense, festive crowd. I don’t think Vancouver has ever been this happy! If only this were “Groundhog Day“… :)







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A fraction of the huge $1,000,000 coin. The flip side’s reflection on the glass casing is hard to make out, on the right

I finally mustered the “courage” to endure some Olympics lineups… Going to the Vancouver Art Gallery and the BC Pavilion wasn’t so bad; less than 30 minutes and we were in. It took a little bit longer (about an hour) to get into the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion. Not as bad as I had imagined it would be. :)

The BC pavilion, set up as a miniature forest with facts about wood and BC spread throughout was more interesting than the art gallery itself. On the gallery floors, the Da Vinci “Mechanics of Man” exhibit and a cool dinosaur-like skeleton made of plastic chairs were nice. But ordinary pictures of apartment building lobbies, other pictures of boring scenes — I just don’t get “art” sometimes… :s

The Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion had some interesting Olympics related coins on display, we got a chance to get our hands on a very heavy gold bar and we saw a one million dollar coin. We could have touched an Olympics gold medal if we didn’t mind waiting 4 hours or more, but we did mind, so we didn’t touch it. Maybe tomorrow…

A $25 coin selling for $71.95… lol  Can’t imagine how much the $1,000,000 one would sell for! :s

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I’ve spent my share of time in those Downtown Olympics crowds and like the quietness and randomness surrounding the nightly vectorial elevation light show.

20 second exposure catching different light movements

Playing around with my new macro lense