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I was offered to relocate from Montreal to Vancouver in late 2006 and, since I’m a nature lover and I’ve always had an attraction for all things Asian — the food, their philosophy, the people –, the choice was easy.  I miss my family at times, of course, but my interests fit Vancouver much better than Montreal ever could.

I consider myself to be a resident/tourist and I enjoy discovering all the ins and outs of the city and its surroundings.  I won’t be talking much about the nightlife here as I’m not a party animal and the city has a reputation for being boring on that front anyway.  But for outdoor activities, special events, dining experiences and general Vancouver lifestyle, my blog might just have what you’re looking for. :)

I hope you enjoy your time on this blog and, ultimately, in Vancouver itself!



P.S.: Sometimes I feel like posting articles, but I just don’t have the time to write.  In those cases, I’ll let my photos do the talking.  I hope you don’t mind; I might add the text at a later date, when I manage to find some time.

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this site, great information and the pictures are spectacular. I may move to the Burnaby area where my uncle lives and this site is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for posting this awesome site!!

  2. Your pictures are amazing! Wow! Thumbs up!

    My bf and I are thinking of moving in Vancouver around September, as we still don’t have a steady job, and are young to travel a bit before settling down for good.

    My only concern is to find a job. I wonder if the job market has a lot to offer, or it’s saturated like in Montreal, where I still cannot find engineering job since graduation. Maybe you hear from expats or locals about how long it took them to find something suitable?

    Second question for you is for renting. We went on website and found furnished condos for 1600$ and up. I landed on other websites as yours saying that renting in Vancouver start around 1000$. The thing is we cannot find such price on internet; they mostly starting 1600$ and up for furnished ones. Is that normal price to pay or we still can find lower price (if so, where)?

    Do you have suggestions of good places where we can look for renting (websites, newspaper..?).

    If you have time to answer, we’ll appreciate so much of your help! Thank you !

  3. Anna,

    I can’t really answer for the job market saturation part as I had a job secured even before I moved here and I’m still at the same job. :) Maybe you can check out the following web sites and see if you can find anything in your field of expertise:


    For *furnished* apartments, yes, it’s common for those to start at $1,500 and up (in the downtown area). My $1,000 price tag is for *unfurnished* apartments (that’s what I was shopping for myself). :) My company paid for the move, so I brought all my stuff with me when I relocated.

    Hope this helps,


  4. Hi

    My name is Rebecca,

    I was born in Winnipeg, but for the last 20 yrs I’ve lived in Toronto. I also want to move to British Columbia, but not sure where exactly. I to am a nature nut.

    I’m a single mother of one child she’s 8 and she is looking forward to seeing beautiful BC.

    If you could give me any good suggestions concerning my dilemma and if you get the chance to comment I would be most appreciative. By the way I’m really excited about the prospect , I can hardly wait to hear from you.



  5. Hi Alain,
    Just found u had a blog!! your photos are always outstanding. I wish my skills are as good as yours. i hardly get used to use SLR.. i feel it’s troublesome to adjust all settings before press shutter. Keep up the good work. Say hi to your GF for me. would love to dine out with you two if there is any chance. =) Take care!!

    Donna from Hiking/Activity Meetup

  6. Hello Alain,

    By pure luck I have found your blog tonight… cause I recognized all your images immediately.

    What a wonderful image collection you have here. Despite the busyness of life, you are always appreciative, paying attention to detail, and capture the beauty around.

    Keep up and live well.


    Your friend Pandora

  7. Hello Alain

    I must admit that when reviewing your photo’s , I was amazed. I too live here, well west Van, and I guess I have alot more to explore . I ‘ve been able to travel throughout BC as part of my job and have had the pleasure to experiance the visual wonders it has to offer. You have captured what I think is the essance of BC.
    Thankyou .

    Stephen C Hentschel

  8. Hi Alain, I like your blog and good info, and now plan to migrate to VC with my wife.

    Now midde of planning to get a job offer before we go.The only thing we need is get a jb offer , so that we feel more secure.

    I am musician and guitar teacher. How do I get a job offer?
    Thanks for help!!! Cheers


  9. Hi Lone,

    > “How do I get a job offer?”

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I can answer this for you. I guess a starting point would be to Google up “Vancouver guitar band job teacher” and see what comes up. I also have a list of job-related sites in my “Links” page, but I’m not sure how helpful they would be for musicians.

    Another thing: are you two moving here as permanent residents, landed immigrants or with a work permit, etc.? I find immigration laws are very complicated here… If you haven’t done so yet, maybe investing a little bit of money on an immigration consultant would be helpful in finding answers to your questions.


    P.S.: I checked out your blog a bit; Nice Deep Purple cover! Hope you and your wife make it in the music biz. ;)

  10. Hi Alain,

    I was scouring the internet for some night snowshoe shots, and came across yours from Dam Mountain, which are really incredible.

    I work for an organization in Vancouver called Take a Hike youth at Risk Foundation, and we’re hosting a full-moon snowshoe fundraiser on Jan 28th at Mt Seymour. Would you have any interest in letting us use one of your photos for our promotional material?! We can discuss details offline.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance for getting back to me :)


  11. Hi Alain,

    I’m Hubert and I live in London, UK.
    I’m planning to move to Vancouver at some point and in the meantime I’m just searching the web.
    Your website is amazing, great pictures, good stories, helpful information and a sense of humour !!!

    All the best


  12. Hi Alain,

    Great info on your website and love the pictures. I live in Sri Lanka and got Canadian PR few weeks back. I’m also planning to settle down in Vancouver soon and your site is a good place to start off with.. Thanks a lot :-)

  13. Hello Alain,

    Thank you for your pictures and an interesting story-description how to get the Garibaldi Lake. We are going to see this amazing place on Monday, September 03, 2012. I will write you my opinion about this place if you are interesting. Best wishes, Kateryna

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