Unexpected reply

As I was biking to work this morning, I rode up Quebec St., turning right unto Union St. where a narrow bike path led to Main Street. Another cyclist  was no more than 3 seconds ahead of me.

I was riding on the bike path on the right side seen here

Halfway up that section, a middle aged Asian woman was standing right beside the bicycle path , playing with her iPhone with her back to us. The first cyclist passed her and then she decided it was time to walk again — across the bicycle path and without looking to see if the way was clear, of course! I was riding at close to 30km/h and, obviously, that surprise move of hers had me hit the brakes real hard. I couldn’t help but yell “Hey!” to her as I came very close to crashing into her.

She barely turned her head towards me and said “Shhhhh!” and continued on her way… :s:s:s  I was so stunned by this unexpected reply that I couldn’t help but laugh as I continued on my way also. :)

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