A fraction of the huge $1,000,000 coin. The flip side’s reflection on the glass casing is hard to make out, on the right

I finally mustered the “courage” to endure some Olympics lineups… Going to the Vancouver Art Gallery and the BC Pavilion wasn’t so bad; less than 30 minutes and we were in. It took a little bit longer (about an hour) to get into the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion. Not as bad as I had imagined it would be. :)

The BC pavilion, set up as a miniature forest with facts about wood and BC spread throughout was more interesting than the art gallery itself. On the gallery floors, the Da Vinci “Mechanics of Man” exhibit and a cool dinosaur-like skeleton made of plastic chairs were nice. But ordinary pictures of apartment building lobbies, other pictures of boring scenes — I just don’t get “art” sometimes… :s

The Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion had some interesting Olympics related coins on display, we got a chance to get our hands on a very heavy gold bar and we saw a one million dollar coin. We could have touched an Olympics gold medal if we didn’t mind waiting 4 hours or more, but we did mind, so we didn’t touch it. Maybe tomorrow…

A $25 coin selling for $71.95… lol  Can’t imagine how much the $1,000,000 one would sell for! :s

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