The Italy House, located at the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre. Nothing much to do unfortunately. But I liked these funky chairs and some ski equipment that were on display. I doubt it was free, but there was a section for wine tasting too.

4:30pm, the Netherlands’ famous Heineken House was already full. Lots of disappointed people had to be turned away to look for other things to do instead. And I just heard on CTV News that in the evening you needed your Dutch passport to get in! :s It will be difficult to get in what some call the biggest party place of the Games (4,000 people capacity). Oh and one word of advice: if the weather is so-so, bring an umbrella with a flat top with you. My huge, pointy umbrella had to be put aside as I entered the O Zone. Luckily, the rain held off while I was there.

Watching the Olympics at the CTV booth on Robson St., cheering freestyle mogul skier Jennifer Heil on. She won a silver medal. :)

The overwhelming trend of the day is that the fun free things to do require you to stand in line for a long time and if there are no lineups, expect a boring experience. :s

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