There are too many activities going on each day outside the sports venues to be able to catch everything by myself, but here’s hoping that these next few articles on the Olympics will still be enough to give you some sense of what’s going on here in Vancouver during this exciting period for the usually quiet city. Since writing is a long process for me, I’ll stick to mostly photographic reports with otherwise brief comments to fill in the gaps. So here we go with Day 1 of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics…

At about 7am, Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger ran a short distance with the Olympic torch. My camera unfortunately failed me as he stepped off the SUV, just a few steps from me. This is not a great shot, but the only one of Arnold I managed to catch in the end. :(

The weather being too crappy in the evening, I decided to watch the Olympics opening ceremony from home instead of “covering” the peaceful protests and the lighting of the cauldron by Wayne Gretzky. I did feel some regret as I saw people on TV that obviously didn’t mind the lousy weather and probably caught some great moments in person.

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