It’s a little late to write an article about the rodeo, but let me just say I had fun attending my first ever cowboy event.

Bareback Riding #1

Game Over
Game over

Barrel Racing #1
Barrel Racing

Tomas Garcilazo
Tomas Garcilazo, world famous Mexican horseman. His horse took a moment to smile for the camera. :)

Bullriding #1


UPDATE 2011-03-01: the restaurant has been closed… Bummer.

We have been going to Cafe Presto Panini 3-4 times now and the experience has been consistently rewarding.

A must have on our list is the excellent Roman Salad.  Its thick slices of prosciutto generously cover the organic greens which are mixed with some fresh and tasty tomato bits along with parmesan (did I detect a hint of Dijon mustard in there?) and balsamic dressing.

We have also tried a few of the paninis and, so far, our favorite is the Chicken Avocado.  The panino almost feels like it melts in your mouth — in a “non-mushy” way, of course ;) — as the tender chicken, avocado, tomato sauce and mozzarella make their way to your taste buds.

The cafe is small, but its following seems strong indeed as one could notice the chef merrily chatting with what seemed to be regulars on 3 occasions (out of 5 occupied tables — good ratio!), as they entered.  It’s always a good sign when you see people coming back for more.  I think they can count us in as regulars now, too. :)

In a nutshell:

Name Cafe Presto Panini
Address 859 Hornby St., Vancouver
Phone 604-684-4445
Food *****
Service Friendly.
Ambiance Simple. Homy.
Price Most dishes hover around $10 each.