Great weekend we’ve had! :)

I would definitely recommend you go to English Bay and Stanley Park these days as the tulips are in full bloom and some late blooming cherry blossoms and other varieties of flowers make for a colorful and very pleasant outing around downtown Vancouver.


Heart of a Tulip
The tulips are looking fabulous around English Bay!

A classic shot of tulips

Tulips and Cyclist
It’s a beautiful day around English Bay today

Tulips #2
Stanley Park’s  Rose Garden has some nice tulips, too

Cherry Blossoms Close Up
Cherry blossoms near Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon


I don’t follow the news very much but somehow this one found its way to me yesterday and now this one and that one, too.

All I can say is “Ouch!” and encourage renters to vote against this — which means “vote against Gordon Campbell” — on May 12th.


I don’t have a TV*…  I just heard the trumpets glaring in my neighbourhood and some distant shouts of satisfaction.  Let’s hope the ‘Nucks make it 2-0 in this series. :)


*by choice — can’t stand all those bad news!  I wouldn’t mind some quality TV time once in a while, but I still don’t miss it one bit…


Looks like the snowshoeing season is nearing its end.  Let me share with you some photos from my favorite snowshoeing outing of the season (March 10th 2009; full moon night on Dam Mountain):

Full Moon Rising #4
A cropped shot of the full moon with the last light of the sunset shining upon it

Full Moon Over Thunderbird Ridge
At the bottom of the photo is Thunderbird Ridge, a regular detour for us — great views there, too!

♪ If this were the last night of the world... ♪
My friends enjoying some wine and treats under the full moon

Snow Dunes
Thunderbird Ridge

Thunderbird Ridge
Path to the edge of Thunderbird Ridge