Bhangra Family
This 4 year old boy stole the show! Everybody was in awe at his prodigious talent.
The mother joined her two children on stage as the MC wondered where they learned to dance like that. 

I went to see Downtown Bhangra last Friday, a free Indian flavored show featuring lots of dancing and music. Bhangra is something new to me, but I found the experience interesting.  The energy and enthusiasm emanating from the performers was great!  The crowd (comprised of many dancing teams set to compete the next day) was alive, especially near the stage, as the night wore on.

The highlight of the night for me was definitely the 4 year old boy blowing the crowd away with his dancing skills in an impromptu dance-off for a variety of prizes.  Him and his 6 year old sister were immediately singled out from the rest as the obvious winners.  The MC asked the boy to dance some more for us, solo, which he happily obliged.  He was totally “in the zone” and having a great time showing his moves to us.  The MC then asked the mother to come dance with her two kids. The “show” over, as they made their way off the stage, you could see the boy taking a few steps, then dancing some more, walking a few steps, dancing some more… 

UBC Girlz #2

UBC Girlz — I think she likes me. :p (too bad the photo is a little fuzzy, but I definitely like the expression)

Bhangra Republik #2
Bhangra Republik, from Calgary

Being a sucker for live music, I also found the Finnish band Shava, with its Scandinavian blend of Bhangra very good.  I missed out on “Dheli 2 Dublin” though, as I left a little early (apparently they’re very good too).

Shava Montage
Shava (from Finland) put on a great Bhangra-inspired set

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