Line Of Trees
Visibility is quite restricted these days…

It’s been a week now since the fog has settled unto Vancouver — and it doesn’t seem to want to let up! Never have I seen fog last a whole day before, much less a week.  These past couple of days, Mother Nature has been tantalizing us with visions of clear blue skies, only to suffocate us all too soon with another dose of thick, heavy, humid fog.

Has Vancouver ever experienced bouts of “everlasting fog” before?  It’s kind of depressing… 2009 is off to a very gray start if you ask me!…

The guy on the right seems to enjoy the view. :s

Lion's Gate in the Fog #1
All the lights of the Lion’s Gate Bridge are not enough to cut through the thick fog.

Now would be a great time to go skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, above that layer of fog. Apparently, as evening sets in, the effect of the city lights in the midst of the fog makes for a good photo opp, too. There, I’m out of depression and thinking positive again. :)

5 thoughts on “WHAT THE FOG?!!!

  1. Marie-Chaton:

    Great pics (your link). I like the one showing all the photographers, too. Just goes to show what a great photo opp fog can be. :)

    Sorry, but I don’t do Facebook… Many people have tried to get me to join, but I just don’t like it. The only thing I like about facebook is this parody:



    Love that first pic from the first link — great shot!!! :D

    Fog sure can be beautiful… I’m kinda sad that is gone, actually — I started getting interested in the possibilites too late! :s I’ll be ready when the next one comes. ;)


    While we’re at it… Why don’t I post a link of a great Vancouver Fog pic:



  2. lol, it is funny, but you know I only have selected 50 of my good friends or people that I really want to keep in touch with. As a married woman, I’m not looking for love and I have never poked anyone :) Maybe I should start singing in front of my computer while I try to seduce a new employer :)

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