Gastown is a tourist hot spot

Gastown is where Vancouver all started, back in 1867 (for more details on Gastown’s history, click here).  Its core area is pretty much all contained within four blocks of Water St., between Richards St. and Carrall St.  Trendy boutiques and galleries, restaurants, and souvenir shops line up the cobblestoned pavement of this historic landmark.  Gastown is also the setting for a few noteworthy events such as the Jazz Festival (free shows) and the “Tour de Gastown” bike race.

Festival Banner in Gastown
Gastown is the setting for some free shows during Vancouver’s International Jazz Festival

Gastown’s pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the Steam Clock.  This may very well be the most photographed item in all of Vancouver.  Every 15 minutes it belches out steam from its musical pipes, delighting the hords of tourists that surround it.

Aside from the overall picturesque street and buildings of Gastown, one last photo opportunity can be found at the corner of Carrall St., where Gassy Jack’s statue stands overlooking the oddly shaped Europe Hotel (now an affordable housing complex).

Gastown B & W

The visit only takes a few minutes, but it’s nevertheless a chance to step back in time and relive some of the atmosphere that was present in Vancouver, more than a century ago.



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