Please note that this post will always evolve as I try more and more sushi places. Come back every so often to see which new spots made “my” cut. I Hope you agree, and please don’t complain if my tastes are not like yours. ;)

I love sushi and, many of my friends being foodies themselves, I’ve had the chance to try quite a few different sushi restaurants so far. Here then are my picks by category:

Salmon Sashimi
Gyoza King* 1508 Robson St.
Actually, the restaurant specifically mentions that it’s a “24-hour sushi-free zone”, but they do serve the tastiest salmon sashimi around (although it is somewhat thin and pricey).  Instantly, as my girlfriend and I tried it for the first time, we both went “MMMMMM!!!!”  Outstanding! :)
Best California Roll Gohan
1815 Rosser Av.
Gohan’s California Roll is just the right size and the filling is dense and very tasty.  I usually take it as part of their lunch special, which includes a miso soup, California roll (6) or sushi (3), and an entree (chicken teriyaki or some other option) for $7.95.  You might not be “totally” full after this, but it’s not a bad deal anyway.
Spicy Tuna Cone
Richmond Sushi
8388 Capstan Way, #1488
I’m not too keen on tuna, but add some spice to it and I’m in! I was having “all you can eat” sushi and when I tried that spicy tuna cone, it’s like nothing else existed for me! :) Very tasty indeed.  But for those of you who don’t like their food too spicy, you might want to avoid this one (last time I was there, a friend complained it was too spicy).
Best Price Sushi Garden
4635 Kingsway
The first time I went there, I had their BC Combo — which includes 4 BC rolls, 4 Alaska rolls, and 2 pieces each of tuna and salmon sushi — all for 8$ (plus tax)! And their rolls are quite big. It’s actually a little cumbersome to eat, but hey, I’m all for a cheap bill and a full stomach! :)  The restaurant is often crowded; very popular place, across the street from Metrotown.
Best “All You Can Eat” Richmond Sushi
8388 Capstan Way, #1488
(Be warned that I’ve only tried a handful of AYCE places so far, but right now, this is my pick…  Let me know about your favorite! :) )I like their semi-private booths, the overall quality of the food is decent (and “great” for that spicy tuna cone I just mentioned) and they have a great deal if you don’t mind eating late.  I don’t remember exactly how much it was — it’s been a while since I’ve been there — but I think it’s 14$ after 9:30PM.
Best Overall Samurai Japanese Restaurant
1108 Davie St.
Very generous sushi portions, great taste, affordable price.  Their salmon sashimi is a close second taste-wise to Gyoza King’s, but the size is so much bigger…  It’s like one piece at Samurai is worth three — nevertheless delicious ones — at Gyoza King.  Their chopped scallops roll is great too, and a bunch of non-sushi related dishes like their gyoza, tempura, and unagi don (cooked eel in a rice bowl).

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to try them all…  Let me know about your favorites too (as long as it doesn’t sound like a shameless plug for a restaurant)!

* I put the official link to Gyoza King’s web site here, but be warned that as of this writing, it seems to be in Japanese only.

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