After the hugely popular HSBC Celebration of Light fireworks came to an end last night, the stage was set for the just as hugely popular pride parade and its very colorful participants. It seems like every year is a record year for this event. So much so that the organizers extended the route this year and it was estimated that the parade would last 2 1/2 hours. When you consider the fact that you have to get there one hour early or so to get a good spot, it means you’ll be standing on the sidelines for more or less four hours (the closer you are to the start line, the quicker it’s over).

Gilbert Baker
Gilbert Baker, artist behind the rainbow flag, created 30 years ago

Green Queen of Samba
Hey, I saw them at the Caribbean Days Festival last week!

One of the funniest moments of the parade, for me

Rainbow Flag #1
Love the reflection on the… concrete?! :s

Hanky Spanky

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Royal LePage

Disabled Man and his Dog
What a pose!

Rainbow Flag #2
The rainbow flag, a symbol of diversity

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