Finale Fireworks #1

And here ends what I would dare say is the biggest event of the Summer, here in Vancouver.

Ferry Funny
Ferry fun on long exposure: there were 8 ferries playing around doing formations just before the beginning of the fireworks finale

Finale Fireworks #2

Finale Fireworks #3

Boating Frenzy
The usual boating frenzy after the fireworks

Next big event in line is the Pride Parade, today. This one promises to be very colorful also.


  1. We come up from Portland, OR. every year for the Celebration of Lights. Couldn’t make it this year and happened to stumble across your website. The photos are spetacular and can honestly imagine ourselves there. Where did you take photos from? I can never get a single good photo of the fireworks. Yours capture the beauty of the event magnificently!!!! Are your photos available for sale?

  2. Now it’s my turn to say “Wow!!!”

    My ego is blushing with pride after being smothered with compliments such as yours!

    I’ve been a programmer all my adult life and I only started getting serious about photography a year and a half ago (since I moved to Vancouver and bought my first digital camera actually). I absolutely love taking pictures, but I never seriously thought about selling them. Now you’ve got me wondering…

    I’ve started looking into setting myself up with an account on “ImageKind” now. It looks great; all I have to “worry” about is uploading my pictures to their site and they take care of the rest (framing, billing, shipping, etc.).

    Which photo(s) were you interested in?

    Thanks again for your interest,

    P.S.: I was on Burrard Bridge for the grand finale. Have you seen my photos from the China fireworks also (taken from Granville Bridge)?

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