Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens has got to be one of the most famous gardens in the world. It’s HUGE and, I must admit that the landscaping is quite impressive, even for a guy like me who’s not usually into flowers — except the fake ones, which require no maintenance whatsoever. :p

Since it is located on Vancouver Island and about three hours away from downtown Vancouver (more like four hours if you’re going by bus), I suggest you go to this beautiful garden as part of a more general two day outing to Victoria, the province’s capital. It can easily be done in one day, of course, but I personally don’t like to rush things and it’s not like it’s the only attraction around the area either.

English Daisies
English Daisies

Sunken Garden
The Sunken Garden

Tulips Kissing
Kiss kiss

3 Sturgeons #1
Sturgeon Fountain

Tunnel Of Thorns
A little too early in the season to see the roses in full bloom

Ross Fountain
Ross Fountain

Floating Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms leftovers

Star Pond
Star Pond

Lookout #2
Window into Butchart Cove

As of this writing, tickets can cost as much as $26.50 per person, depending on the season. It’s not cheap, but I still think it’s worth it, especially during Spring time or early Summer. Another cost you’ll have to think about is the ferry too. It costs $13 per person (one way) to go from Vancouver to Victoria (well, officially, from the “Tsawwassen” ferry terminal to the “Swartz Bay” ferry terminal. Both are around 45 minutes from Vancouver and Victoria, respectively). Oh, and it costs 43$ extra to board the ferry with a car — but I don’t have to worry about that myself. ;) Click the following links to see the official, current rates for both Butchart Gardens and the ferry.

Going by bus (from Downtown Vancouver): Take the 98 B-Line South and get off at the Airport Station to switch over to the 620 bus that will take you to the Tsawwassen ferry. Once you arrive at Swartz Bay, grab the #75 bus line to get to Butchart Gardens.

Going by car (from Downtown Vancouver): Follow these directions to get to the Tsawwassen ferry and these ones to get to the Butchart Gardens, from Swartz Bay.

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