Disappointing…  I went there early in the morning while the light would have been much better in late afternoon for photography and I guess the Sun wasn’t strong enough at that time to compel those tulips to open up to catch some rays.  There were many rows of tulips, but we were not allowed to walk within those rows and yeah, the festival was just rows of tulips…  Nothing special.  Why not be creative and do some nice landscaping with all those flowers?  Given that the festival is located in Agassiz, 90 minutes or so from downtown Vancouver and that my visit was over within 45 minutes, I don’t feel it was worth it.  Nevertheless, I did snap a few pictures — here they are:

Rows Of Tulips
No walking within those rows, please!

Multi-Colored Tulips
Colorful tulips

Festival Backdrop
Mountains surround parts of the field

Red Tulips
Fiery red tulips

Festival Headquarters
The Festival headquarters

Basketful of tulips
Basketful of tulips

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2 thoughts on “2008 AGASSIZ TULIP FESTIVAL

  1. That’s it, we are moving to Vancouver end of June! I’m really excited! My daughter and I will be on vacation all summer long, I hope there will be some sunshine… Are you part of any organized outdoor activity group that I could join to explore the mountains?

  2. That’s great! Summers are pretty good here, you’ll love ’em! Your first stop for fun should be “Meetup.com” — it’s fantastic! Tons of activities to choose from, and most of the groups are free to join. Go check out my “Links” page for possible hiking groups to choose from and a link to Meetup (under the “Activities” link). Have fun!

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