I didn’t bother wait for the eclipse as there was a good cloud cover when I left work, just around two hours earlier.  But around 7:35PM, as I nonchalantly looked out my balcony window, I noticed the sky around the moon was unexpectedly clear!  But the clouds were all around that hole in the sky.  By the time I got my gear ready, I could only take a couple of clear pictures before the clouds rolled back over the moon.  In the end, I prefered the cloudy shots that gave the picture sort of a “brush stroke” effect:

Too Late for Total Lunar Eclipse


  1. Hi,

    We are planning on moving to Vancouver next July – my husband just accepted a two-year contract for the Olympic Games. We are born and living in Montreal.

    We are wondering where to visit first to fall in love with the city. We will come to Vancouver for the Easter Week-end and don’t really know where to start looking to find a nice townhouse for my husband, my little two-year old girl, and myself. (I’m a francophone, sorry for the mistakes).

    We also love to take pictures and yours are great! Thanks.

  2. “Mistakes”? Quels “mistakes”? J’en vois pas. ;)

    I’m not updating my blog often enough (very busy with work, friends and enjoying the city’s beauty), but I’ll try very hard to get an article out about a possible 2-day trip to Vancouver, what to see, what to do, etc. this week-end. Stay tuned!

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