This blog is about Vancouver, but I thought you wouldn’t mind enjoying those pictures from my recent trip to Montreal:

Basilique Notre-Dame
Notre-Dame basilica

Hotel de Ville de Montréal
Montreal City Hall

Daniel, Choeur de la Basilique Notre-Dame
Inside the Notre-Dame basilica

Place de la Cathédrale
Place de la Cathédrale

Avenue McGill College
McGill College Avenue, in the heart of downtown Montreal

Rue St-Paul
St-Paul St., Old Montreal


  1. Hi, I came across your blog and I love your pictures. The colours are so vivid. I particularly love the Notre Dame one. Are you a professional photographer or is it just a hobby?

  2. Thanks! It’s just a hobby. That shoot was one of my best ones overall I think. Going back home inspired me maybe, I don’t know. ;)

    I’ve only started *really* getting into photography last year, when I bought my first digital camera (a Nikon D80). I’d probably taken about 500 pictures in my whole life prior to making the switch to digital; now I’ve taken over 10,000!!! :D I still think film cameras give the best results, but digital cameras are so convenient that you can’t ignore the benefits of taking an unlimited amount of pictures for free.

    I post only the good ones, but for every 100 pictures, there are probably only 5 that are really worth keeping. So I’m not that good, I just take tons of pictures and a few eventually “make the cut”. ;)

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