Yay!  My first “real” hike in BC! :)

The weather was just perfect for our enthusiastic group of hikers: mostly sunny, just the right temperature for a comfortable hike, and a mainly dry trail thanks to the previous day’s sunshine.

The Lynn Peak trail is part of the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, located 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver.  For those without a car, there is a bus (the 210) that can drop you off about 15 minutes by foot from the park’s main entrance (the ride itself, from downtown, takes around 45 minutes).

Enjoy those few minutes of relaxation nature has to offer at the park’s main entrance (courtesy of Lynn Creek’s crystal clear rushing waters) because it doesn’t take long before you start to get those legs a-working!

Lynn Creek

Lynn Peak trail is definitely not a walk in the park.  It has long stretches running through a once active stream and somewhat steep elevation gains in others.  And for you casual hikers out there, there are flatter portions on the trail which are a welcome break from the workout, but probably not enough for your taste.  Again, this is a workout, not a stroll…

Rocky road ahead

The dried up stream portion of the trail has, obviously, lots of rocks in the way.  If side-stepping unstable rocks is not your cup of tea, this is yet another reason not to do this trail.  Before I scare everybody off, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is an “expert” trail — not at all; I just foresee a few people having issues with this one.

The first 45 to 60 minutes are quite steep and end with a stretch of switchbacks that take us to the first of three viewpoints.  The view is quite limited from all the trees encircling the viewpoint and the “show” is not that much to rave about.  The next few elevation gains are not as hard on the knees as that previous one but still, you’ll probably be wishing the peak is just around the corner as you move along.  The second viewpoint has a larger scope and is definitely more interesting — although not that breathtaking by BC standards.  Me and the group I was with took a lunch break there.  We had a surprise guest who showed up and loved to nibble on chunks of chocolate chip cookies that one of my friends had made.

Lynn Peak, Vancouver View
If I had shown you guys more of downtown, I’d have fallen off the ledge!

Lynn Peak, Blue Jay
Our unexpected guest :)

Lynn Peak, Hikers
One of the few patches of snow we encountered

About 30 minutes more and just a few stretches of snow as we were nearing our way to the top, and the peak itself conceaded defeat against our group of spirited hikers.  Again, the view was a little disappointing to me; there were so many trees that we had, at most, a 60 degree view of the area and it was mostly populated surroundings.  Another disappointment was the fact that throughout the hike, we barely crossed a single stream along the trail.  I love the sound of trickling water and I felt cheated, so to speak, for not having crossed a real creek along the way — especially after seeing the huge one at the park’s entrance.

Everybody — including the more casual hikers — made it to the top, but I heard quite a few “I need to get in shape!”  All in all, if you want a good workout, this is a great trail to tackle, but if you’re in it for the scenery, there are better options in the area.

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