With its thriving Asian population and its convenient location next to the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is, of course, a great place for sushi — and it’s quite cheap too!  When I first came here I was told that the sushi was cheaper than McDonald’s and, assuming you’re not too fancy with your sushi, yes, it could very well be cheaper than McDonald’s.

If you’ve ever tried sushi before, you know that when your plate comes, there is a small amount of very hot, olive green coloured paste called wasabi on one side, and slices of sweet, pickled ginger on the other.  Right.  But what you may not be aware of — at least I was more than surprised when I found out about that a couple of weeks ago — is that the ginger is not there as an optional extra spice for your sushi; it’s supposed to be used as a mouthwash (!) so that your next piece of sushi can be savoured fully, without the leftover taste of the previous one.  Now I understand why I always felt like there never were enough slices of ginger for me to put on my sushi or why some slices were very small and others ridiculously big compared to the size of the rolls…

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