I went to see “Saint Paddy’s Day” parade this morning. I’d never been to one before and didn’t really know what to expect other than some celtic music and dancing.

I don’t know what the parades look like in other cities but here, it started with the police wailing their sirens and performing a street-level, simplistic version of the Snowbirds, doing some formations and criss-crossings for about 10 minutes. I don’t know what’s the connection with Ireland on that one, but anyway…

[top left] Scottish-Irish Bagpipes? / [top-right] Scottish-Irish McDonald? No, he’s 100% Irish! / [bottom] Irish dancing (sorry for the foggy lens :( )

Then the parade really started rolling. Bagpipes and percussions started the fanfare with a marching band colored in the Irish tradition and the mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan, following right along in a horse-led wagon from Stanley Park.

45 minutes and 4-5 bagpipe-led marching bands later, it seemed to me that they all learned the same song… In-between the marching bands were a few Irish related groups interspersed with some not so Irish ones, shamelessly taking advantage of the parade to advertise their stuff (like “WorkSafe BC”), passing flyers to spectators. A not so Irish participant that I thought was really funny though was the guy carrying a dirty shovel, in charge of picking up after the horses… lol

The most interesting part occured during the last 20 minutes or so when a few troops of Irish dancers performed. But by that time, my camera’s filter lens decided to fog up and gave me so-so pictures (see attached) of what could have been the most interesting ones. Oh well… I’ll have to see what went wrong there.

All in all, it was “ok”, but apart from the dancers, it lacked in enthusiasm as far as I’m concerned.

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