I must really be starting to act like a real Vancouverite: as I walked down the streets this morning, I saw quite a few umbrellas up — but not mine!  I used to be among the first ones opening up my umbrella when the rain would suddenly come down, no matter how light or heavy it was.  But this morning, it just didn’t feel menacing enough to warrant using my umbrella.  Now that I think about it, the ones using their umbrella seemed to be mostly women — women who probably spent a long time fixing themselves up in front of the mirror and couldn’t let Mother Nature mess up their masterpiece! :p  In any case, I felt like an umbrella-less minority for the first time since I moved here 3 months ago.


  1. Great site! I really enjoy looking at your pictures. They are wonderful.

    About the umbrellas, it’s true about people in Seattle too (where I’m from). You can spot someone who hasn’t grown up around here as soon as it starts to rain. I have never used an umbrella, except when I was little and my mom made me!

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